Dentist Wellesley Wellness

We help patients achieve wellness by co-managing the risk factors that link oral and systemic diseases and by helping them achieve a functional and esthetic dentition that can be maintained relatively inflammation-free over their lifespan.


Dental care is no longer just about cavities, your smile or whether you floss or not.


It’s About inflammation.


Inflammation is at the root cause of many of the chronic diseases of aging.

The mouth is a significant source of that same inflammation if you have gum disease.

You can have gum disease and not even know it.

At every visit, ask if you have any gum inflammation.It is more important than you think.


Gum disease is linked to a real increased risk for heart disease, diabetes, cancer, Alzheimer’s and other diseases. 


Partnering with us to keep oral inflammation to a minimum over your lifetime will reduce your risk for the more serious chronic diseases of aging.